Jiu-Jitsu is the ``gentle art``. Learn how to use leverage and technique - instead of size or strength - to subdue/control your foe, and then apply a choke or joint lock. Our classes are great for those looking to compete at any level, as well as those looking for something fun in a safe environment!


Catch Wrestling is similar to Jiu Jitsu... they're both submission grappling styles of martial arts. But if Jiu Jitsu is the ``gentle art``, then catch wrestling is the ``aggressive art``. Catch wrestlers use trips, throws, and other takedowns to get their foe to the floor where they can apply an armlock, strangle, or other submission.

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Week Long Trials Classes!


The Americana Jiu Jitsu Collective with Travis Newaza

I love this town, this community, and this sport – and I’m thrilled to have it all in Yucca Valley area at my new academy, The Americana Jiu Jitsu Collective!

I’ve been grappling for a long time, and have accomplished a great deal in this sport. Our academy is now open, with many trial classes open to the public! If you’ve ever been interested in jiu-jitsu (or simply want to try a new hobby and/or get in shape), I’d love to shake your and and show you our school. Thanks for visiting!


New website is launched!

I’m excited to announce the official opening of my new academy as well as this new website. More content and features will be added to the website as time goes on.

Americana Jiu Jitsu Collective Coming Soon!

We’ve begun building my new academy, the Americana Jiu Jitsu Collective! More information coming soon.      


Our Gi classes (classes in a kimono/uniform) are forming now. When you’re ready to take it up a notch, our no-gi classes (our specialty) are only $95/month! (unlimited)


55696 Twentynine Palms Highway | Yucca Valley, CA 92284
(Next door to All Star Burgers Café)