Travis Newaza

Owner, Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling Coach

Travis Newaza – founder of the Americana Jiu Jitsu Collective.

An outstanding competitor and martial artist, Travis is a no-gi Jiu-jitsu specialist trained in catch wrestling and many styles of combat sports under Erik Paulson and Josh Barnett.

His passion is evident in both his effortless adaptability to many disciplines, and his love for catch wrestling, where he first witnessed submission and grace, and found how intelligent wrestling can be.

“I think Jiu-jitsu is a vehicle to extend your reach as a person, one that will get you through the ‘ups and ruts’ of Life. It gives you a lens to view life differently. It serves as an outlet to experience camaraderie and better your community while learning an ancient art.”

No-gi Jiu-jitsu Champion

Revgear World Championships Absolute / Gracie Nationals Brown Belt

King of Catch West Coast Wrestling Tournament Winner/Outstanding Competitor Award

Metamoris & Polaris veteran

California Catch Wrestling Association Inaugural Tournament Champion